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Dec 12, 1997 01:09 AM
by Brant Jackson

Can anyone give me some insight into the Theosophical definitions /
interrelationships of these terms:  Karma, Grace and predestination.
   I have heard a number of Theosophical speakers use the term "grace" quite
freely, and wonder if there is any consensus on the meaning of this term in TS
circles.  The common usuage of "Grace"  is certainly in opposition to the
common meaning of "karma".
    Secondly, St. Paul, who was supposedly an adept according to HPB,  was
quite concerned with "predestination" if this portion of his writings have not
been altered  - as supposedly many of his writings were.  Does this term have
any esoteric meaning within the TS body of writings?  Does anyone have any
references to the meaning of these terms?
    Brant Jackson

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