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Scatological language

Dec 11, 1997 01:33 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Yes, Ramadoss, it is evident from numerous accounts of  private discussions that
the founders occasionally used what would be considered by today's standards
very mildly scatological language (such as "damn").  I  would not be surprised
if such words occasionally showed up in notes exchanged between the founders.
Rather, I have seen them in letters written by all of the three founders.  My
own personal feeling about it is that there is a time and place for all kinds of
language, and considering the three founders were closely involved, and events
were very often frustrating, their language was indeed appropriate between them
and for those situations.  I feel no shame for their choice of words in these
instances.  However, in the case of theos-talk,  the audience is much larger,
and we don't all personally know each other.  Therefore, I would think that a
more formal tone and choice of words is appropriate.  I don't mean that humor
must be left out.  On that count, I must agree with Thoa that there are some
Theosophists I know who I would love to see loosen up a little.  On the other
hand, humor does not need to be scatological, to be funny.

I remember some years ago, while President of the Los Angeles Lodge (Adyar
Society), a very upset member approached me because a woman had used a "dirty
word" during a meeting, and he wanted me to set her straight, or expel her from
the Lodge.  I wasn't present at the meeting, so I asked him to tell me exactly
what word she used.  After a minute of red faced stuttering, he was finally able
to utter the word "penis."   I asked if that was her exact word.  He said yes.
I later approach the woman and told her that one of the members was offended by
her using the word "penis."   She paused for a moment, then said, "well, my
mother was a registered nurse, and she always taught me to use the proper
anatomical terms."   Though I try to have regard for the sensitivities of my
audience,  I think this was once instance where the grieving member needed to go
out and get a life.


M K Ramadoss wrote:

> At 12:11 AM 12/11/97 -0800, Thoa wrote:
> >Dear Sophia and Wes,
> >
> >I apologize, Sophia and Wes, if my post upsets you.  Now I have a feel of
> Sometime ago, I spoke to someone who had seen some of the original
> manuscripts of notes made by the founders when they lived in Adyar. I am
> told that you will find the language to be what is commonly used in the
> marketplace and not appropriate in a formal "cultured" setup. If we were to
> access astral light and see the actual recording of the time, it may
> surprise and even shock some of us who are not used for that kind of
> vocabulary. Don't mistake me that I am advocating anything vulgar or unkind.
> mkr

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