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Jun 27, 1997 06:18 AM
by Rodolfo Don

>	If you wish to start your own Theosophical organization (like Dr. Bain
>did), you certainly have every right to do so, and I would be the first
>on line to defend you if some other Theosophical organization tried to
>dictate what you put on your page. But you are writing about the TSA.
>And all they asked was that you place a statement that it is not an
>official page, but your own opinions.
>	Do you have any idea of the kind of legal jeopardy you put the
>organization in by implicitly claiming to be its voice? Would you really
>want to see lawsuits against the TSA based on information displayed on
>your personal page? That's the only reason for a letter like the one you
>received; all National Headquarters wants to do is to shield themselves
>from any legal reprecussions of your personal actions, over which they
>have no control.
>	Bart Lidofsky

I'm not interested in starting any organization. What I see is that
organizations can do more harm than good. I'm only writing about what I
hold dear to me. Let me correct myself: as far as I can think of, the only
thing that I wrote on my main page is its introduction (history), all the
other articles are written by other theosophists and every single one is
credited. On top of the Adyar page there is an introduction written by me
explaining what Adyar represents to me. I never assumed any official
position there either, and so far nobody has taken it as official, I hope.
Most of my material is taken from other sources not mine.

Rudy Don

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