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Jun 27, 1997 06:01 AM
by Rodolfo Don

>Rodolfo Don wrote:
>> There is more than one Theosophical Society. We even refer to the
>> Theosophical Society when we speak of the Theosophical Movement. When I
>> speak about the Theosophical Society I mean the Society that was founded in
>> 1875 with the ideals that it had in 1875. The Society that *is* based on
>> Universal Brotherhood. How do you explain when somebody claims that a
>> member cannot write about the Theosophical Society because he doesn't hold
>> any official position in it? That he needs to ask Wheaton permission.
>	I didn't see ANYTHING in the letter about that. All they asked you to
>do is to make a statement that the page was your personal page, and not
>an official statement. Talking about Theosophy is one thing, but your
>page gives the kind of organizational details (how to join, important
>addresses, etc.) which imply that you are not speaking as an individual,
>but speaking as the Theosophical Society itself.


If you see at the bottom of the TS page there is an icon and next to it, it
says that portions of the material for this page was quoted from a pamphlet
that was issued by the Indian Section of the Theosophical Society. That is
where the information came from. INFORMATION, nothing else. The American
Section is one of many. I never intended to assume an official position in
the TS because I don't believe in official positions. In matters of
theosophy positions mean NOTHING; and that is something that the author of
the letter forgot!


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