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Re:A Theosophical Encyclopaedia

Jun 26, 1997 11:52 PM
by Louise Ann Noeth

Thank you, Rich

Your comments reflect precisely my feelings about nurturing the student,
not shackling a follower.

Louise Ann Noeth

>From: "Richard Taylor" <>
>Subject: A Theosophical Encyclopaedia
>Date: Thursday, June 26, 1997 4:41 PM

Personally I find the idea of a Theosophical Encyclopaedia very exciting
indeed, and I would give what little time I have to support it.

To be honest, I am not thrilled by the idea that Annie Besant's ideas,
Leadbeater's ideas, Alice Bailey's ideas, all will be included -- but at
same time HBP's teachings and William Q. Judge's teachings will not be
EXCLUDED.  As long as the sources for materials are CLEARLY LABELED (as
Lanoeth is suggesting) I think the chance for confusion will be minimized.
 It will (1) allow the public to easily access what I consider to be the
original and pure teachings, and (2) it will allow so-called
"neo-Theosophists" (in my opinion New Age butterflies) to see how the
original teachings differ markedly from those teachings later put forward

While I think each student certainly has a right to determine how best to
his or her time, I find the decision not to cooperate with such projects as
this encyclopaedia very short-sighted, erecting more barriers to the
tion of Theosophy where plenty already exist.

I feel that in the public eye Theosophy has a pretty bad, "airy-fairy"
reputation, largely because of the shananigans of Neo-Theosophy, but that
no reason not to assist a broad-based effort, even if it includes material
consider undesirable.  Indeed, some of the best students, including Eldon
Tucker, the moderator of this list, first came to Theosophy under the
wings of Leadbeater, only later discovering that original Theosophy was
deeper, purer and more spiritually beneficial.  (Correct me if I'm wrong,
Eldon ...)

Just my two cents.

Rich Taylor

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