Mt Baldy Zen Chanting


Mt. Baldy Zen Chanting

Sasaki Roshi
Afternoon chanting (Banka) during day six of a seven-day retreat (Dai Sesshin) at Mt. Baldy Zen Center, August 18, 1979.

mp3/19790818-baldy-11-all.mp3 (8 MB)

0:02:10 Preparation
0:00:41 Opening Bells
0:11:15 Lotus Sutra
0:01:51 Heart Sutra
0:01:25 Removing Disaster
0:03:39 Buddha
0:03:59 Dai Segaki
0:03:37 Teacher
0:02:28 Four Vows and Bows
0:00:33 Ending Bells and Exiting Hall

0:32:41 Entire Session

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